sexta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2010


- Cinema is an art that portrays the lives, emotions, feelings, hopes, fears, desires, beliefs, everything that is real in the physical world and everything that is real in the world to be hidden in our mind. Same film as an Avatar which looks like a psychedelic trip, it does portray realities as the fact that the protagonist of the film prefer to live and defend the cause of these creatures "strange" and fight the greedy humans (In the real world facing ecologists see human progress and fighting for the cause of animals and forests).

Other films try to imitate reality with the smallest details. Recently I watched the movie: THE LAST TIME OF HITLER, basically the film is the testimony of Hitler's secretary and who lived up to that time and described his life with the Nazi dictator, and how Hitlher killed himself. During the movie, the secretary, already advanced in years, gives his personal testimony about Nazism. Really well played, a real documentary.

So when I watch a movie for the plot and the story unfolds, try to understand what the producer is trying to convey, what that history has to teach us. Whenever I watch a movie, even children, along with my daughters and wife, I do question as soon as we left, I discuss with them the reading and interpretation of the values passed through that film.

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